For considering to support to PACTPAN and our efforts to create a forum for conversation and collaboration among African Christian scholars, clergy, religious and pastoral workers, health professionals, and social justice advocates. Your generous contribution can help us build a vibrant community dedicated to working towards a better future for the African continent.

Every donation we receive brings us one step closer to achieving our mission.

Africa is a diverse and dynamic continent with unique challenges and opportunities. By supporting our NGO, you can actively contribute to fostering dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among African Christian scholars, clergy, health workers, and social justice activists. Your donation enables us to provide a platform where these diverse voices can come together to address pressing issues and work towards positive change.

Forum and Events: Your contribution helps us organize forums, conferences, seminars, and workshops that bring together African Christian scholars, clergy, health professionals, and social justice workers. These events provide opportunities for networking, exchanging ideas, and developing innovative solutions to address the specific challenges faced by the African continent.

Research and Publications: We aim to support and promote research and publications that highlight the unique perspectives, insights, and experiences of African Christian scholars and practitioners. Your donation can assist in funding research grants, publishing scholarly works, and making these resources widely accessible to the public.

Capacity Building: We strive to empower African Christian scholars, clergy, health workers, and social justice advocates with the skills and knowledge necessary to address the complex issues facing the continent. Your support enables us to offer training programs, mentorship opportunities, and capacity-building initiatives that enhance their effectiveness in their respective fields.

Collaboration and Advocacy: We work towards fostering collaboration and partnerships among African Christian scholars, clergy, health professionals, and social justice workers. Your donation helps us facilitate collaborative projects, promote intersectoral dialogue, and advocate for policies that promote social justice, healthcare access, and sustainable development in Africa.

We offer multiple ways to donate, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our valued supporters:

Online Donation: contact us to make a one-time or recurring donation. You can choose the amount you wish to contribute and support our various initiatives and programs.

Bank Transfer: If you prefer to make a direct bank transfer, please find our banking details on our website. Kindly include your name and contact information in the transfer details so that we can acknowledge your contribution.

In-Kind Donations: Besides monetary contributions, we also accept in-kind donations such as books, resources, and equipment that can support our research and capacity-building efforts. If you have items that could benefit our programs, please reach out to us for more information.

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