Father David K. Mbugua, a Franciscan Friar with a Big Heart

Father David K. Mbugua is a Catholic priest from Kenya and a member of the Franciscan Capuchin Friars. He currently serves as the Chair of the Franciscan Family Association in Kenya. In addition, he is a co-founder and Supreme Moderator of a diocesan Association of Christ Faithful, known as the Franciscan Servants of Mary Queen of Love, in the Diocese of Ngong.

Father David holds a Doctorate in Theology with a specialization in moral theology (STD) from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). He also has a Licentiate in Moral Theology from Alphosiana Academy in Rome, a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Urbaniana in Rome, a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Urbaniana in Rome. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from CUEA in Nairobi.

Fr. David is a lecturer in Moral Theology at several institutions of higher learning in Nairobi, including the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Tangaza University College, Apostles of Jesus Theologicum, St. Thomas of Aquinas Seminary, and Chemichemi ya Uzima College. 

Fr David heads the Department of Moral Theology at Tangaza University College. He is also the Director and Founder of Mamma Africa Italia Onlus International Kenya, an NGO aiming to break the poverty chain among slum dwellers in Kenya through education. He has been involved in pastoral work as the Franciscan Capuchin Provincial Secretary and Vocation Animator, the Diocese of Garissa Development Coordinator, and the World Food Program (WFP) Officer for the North Eastern Province.

Father David has been involved in academic and research activities at various levels, both in Kenya, Africa, and beyond. He has authored three books and published articles in referred journals. His research interests revolve around finding optimal ways of ethically responding to modern society’s challenges.

Father David is also a philanthropist who runs feeding programs for street families in Nairobi, where he feeds over 250 families weekly. Through Mamma Africa, he provides education to over 350 underprivileged children nationwide. He is also the founder of three schools that offer transformative education to bright children.

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