Fr. Toussaint Kafarhire, S.J Took Part in 2023 Humphrey Fellowship Program

We are pleased to announce that Fr. Toussaint Kafarhire, S.J., has been selected as the 2023 Distinguished Humphrey Fellow representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Fr. Toussaint is among the distinguished foreign officials hosted by the International Institute of Education (IIE) as part of this year’s prestigious Distinguished Humphrey Fellowship Program (DHFP).

His impressive journey includes successfully completing a certificate course on Leadership for the 21st Century at Harvard University. Moreover, he has gained valuable insights into the best environmental practices for the mining sector during his time in Helena, Montana.

Fr. Toussaint’s contributions extend beyond academia; he will address critical topics such as elections and the state of democracy in the DRC in Washington, DC, hosted by the National Endowment for Democracy.

Additionally, he will share his experiences and expertise at the Centre Arrupe pour la Recherche et la Formation, a prominent Jesuit research organization and think tank in Lubumbashi. The center’s focus on economic, sociocultural, and political issues in the DRC makes Fr. Toussaint’s involvement even more significant.

As Fr. Toussaint embarks on this noble journey, we kindly request all members to offer their prayers and support in recognition of his outstanding commitment and accomplishments.

Congratulations, Fr. Toussaint!

Sr Leonida Katunge 

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