Honono and Leonida Attended a Congress Organised by WUWCO in Dar es Salaam

The meeting was held in Dar es Salaam and was hosted by the World Women’s Observatory (WWO) together with the World Union of Catholic Women Organizations (WUCWO). The main goal was to create a network of groups, congregations, and organizations that focus on different forms of gender-based violence – GBV. The discussions revolved around understanding gender-based violence on an academic level and through the testimonies of those who work with survivors of such violence. The clergy showed their support during the meeting, with some of them celebrating mass and sharing words of encouragement with the women.

There were discussions on:

      • New forms of violence

      • Institutions that work to deal with issues of GBV.

      • Other areas of action that can be used to respond to GBV.

      • What can be done differently to campaign against domestic violence at the family and community level?
      • Management and rehabilitative measures for victims and survivors of domestic violence in Africa. 
      • During our discussion, we discussed various aspects of economic violence and its impact on the African continent. We discussed different forms of violence in the region and the institutions that have made progress in eradicating economic violence. Additionally, we explored ways to promote equality and minimize economic violence. Our conversation also highlighted the need to address generational feminized poverty and economic violence against African women. We discussed the role of the WWO in ending economic violence against African women and promoting a just, peaceful, responsible, and liberating society. The questions led to a deeper analysis and understanding of the problem. Everyone engaged with their roles, resulting in a variety of ideas from different experiences. We agreed to bring more people on board, including non-religious figures.

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