Sr Awino Josephine Akeyo: A Rising Kenyan Nun with a Dream

Sr. Josephine Bertha Awino is a Kenyan nun who has devoted her life to serving her community. She is a member of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega, a diocesan congregation with a long history of providing vital services to those in need. As a devout Christian, Sr. Josephine is passionate about education and spiritual growth, and she has combined these two passions in her work. With her extensive academic and pastoral experience, she wears multiple hats as a nun, a lecturer, a faith formator, and a head of department.

she wears multiple hats as a nun a lecturer a faith formator and a head of department

The Triple Hat of Sister Josephine: A nun, a lecturer, and a head of department

Sr. Josephine is a lecturer at Uzima University, where she imparts knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. Her students and peers highly respect her for her commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to helping others. Through her work at the university, Sr. Josephine is helping to shape the minds of future leaders and influencers, instilling in them the importance of compassion, empathy, and a commitment to social justice.

As the head of the Health Record Department at Uzima University, she coordinates and facilitates timely teaching and learning and designs and reviews the department’s curriculum. Additionally, she supervises students during their field attachments and establishes efficient links with relevant health and course bodies. She supports the development of good morals among students and staff and contributes to the achievement of the university’s mission and vision.

Sr Josephine’s philosophy of life is that failure is simply an outcome in life from which you can learn, and you approach setbacks with a growth mentality to look for the lesson. For this reason, she prides herself in her endeavour to love and serve the people of God, promote awareness of the utilization of quality data to manage patients better and be a role model in society. Indeed, Josephine wears her multiple hats proudly as a nun, lecturer, faith formator, and department head.

A Nun and an Advocate for Public Health

Sister Josephine is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Health System and Service Management at Maseno University in Kasimu. Her research is focused on the factors that affect the sustainable use of electronic medical records in Tier Four public health facilities located in Siaya County, Kenya. The study is aimed at identifying the challenges and opportunities associated with the adoption and implementation of electronic medical records in these health facilities. The research is expected to provide insights into the best practices for the sustainable use of electronic medical records in public health facilities, which will ultimately lead to improved healthcare services and outcomes.

During her internship programs, Sister Josephine was employed as a health information officer at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital, as well as Lumakanda Sub-County Hospital. Throughout her tenure, she demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the field, earning praise from her colleagues and supervisors alike. Sister Josephine’s contributions were instrumental in ensuring the efficient and accurate collection and dissemination of health information at both facilities.

African Digital Faith Influencer Formation Coordinator

Aside from her academic pursuits, Sister Josephine is an active member of PACTPAN, a grassroots organization that aims to empower people of faith to make a positive impact on the world using technology. As the coordinator of African Digital Faith Influencers Faith Formation, Sister Josephine applies her expertise in technology and faith to help influencers all over the continent connect with their spirituality in meaningful ways. She is deeply committed to bridging the gap between technology and faith and believes that through this, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

Sr. Josephine is a dedicated leader who is committed to guiding African digital faith influencers in using their platforms for positive impact and meaningful engagement. She is well aware of the complexities of the online world and ensures that these influencers are equipped to navigate these complexities while staying true to their religious convictions. Thanks to her guidance, African digital faith influencers are making a real difference in the world, using their platforms to spread messages of hope, love, and compassion to people everywhere.

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