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pan-african catholic theology and pastoral network

Marriage and Family life Unit

Vision African Catholic bishops, religious and priests and laity at the first African synod in 1994 unanimously affirmed that the image of family will be for Africa and her peoples the framework for building the church and society in our land. The church as family is the foundation on which the marriage and family life unit is built. The vision of the unit is to develop resources to nourish our Christian families and accompany families in the work of Christian upbringing of children, while supporting married couples to grow in deep intimacy and love through closeness to God. We are committed to protecting the traditional family in Africa through formation in the spirituality of marriage and education on how to address some of the challenges facing the modern family in Africa. We are committed to developing new understanding of family through research and supporting our pastors in their pastoral care of families through research, consultancy, ongoing formation and publication and production of helpful resources. We hope to develop different approaches to understanding and responding to some of constant and emerging challenges facing the modern family in Africa in the context of cultural pluralism of today. We will be guided in our research by the teaching of the church on the family, and our own research and collaboration among ourselves and our partners in Africa, Rome and the rest of the world. Our unit places itself under the protection and intercession of the Holy family of Jesus, Virgin Mary and Joseph. Activities of the Unit 1. Book project: “Re-imagining the African Family in the 21st century: A catholic perspective”. 2. Marriage preparation: A catholic Guide 3. Webinars: Once every quarter of the year.

The Church Of Now

Focuses on the youth in Africa and creates spaces for conversations among African young Catholics and the church leadership for developing youth ministries and youth formation that are relevant to the needs and concerns of young Catholics

Vital Church

At the core of this unit’s work is developing the diagnostic barometer for evaluating the health of any church or church institutions in Africa. The unit works to develop tools to help the church at all levels in Africa

Little Children

Research, publication, advocacy to put an end to the scourge of child abuse and neglect in Africa, and the scandal of the abuse of children

Mary At The Foot Of The Cross

Research, public advocacy, training, equipping and supporting the inclusion of women in the mainstream of leadership, scholarship, and service in the church and society of Africa

Palaver And Synodal Church

Given the need for ongoing dialogue in the church and society in Africa, this unit does research on the application of the African palaver in creating the practices for a listening and synodal church in Africa

Laudato Sî – On Ecology

The Catholic vision, based on the Bible, presents the creation of man as a being intrinsically superior to nature. Its dominion is entrusted to man in order to promote integral human development. But man dominates in the name of God, as a custodian of divine creation, and therefore man's dominion is not absolute

Mass Killings and Genocide

Genocide is horrible, an abomination of our species, totally unacceptable. It is an obscenity, the evil of our time that all good people must work to eradicate. And at the core there is no doubt as to what this evil is--all recognize that the Nazi program to kill all Jews was genocide

Health and Healing

Health is more than physical and mental well-being, and healing is not primarily medical. Health and healing were a central feature of Jesus’ ministry and of his call to his followers, a reason why the church has been engaged in health services for centuries By stimulating dialogue among faith-based networks and within civil society, the Pact Pan contributes to reflection on the theological basis

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