Uganda Cohort Extends Charity to Kayunga-Galiraya Community by Devis Ampereza

St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Community and MUBS-Uganda youth conducted a charity visit to Kayunga-Galiraya on Easter Monday as part of the Building Bridges Initiative. They provided items such as clothing, food, and educational materials collected during the Lenten season to the vulnerable members of the Kayunga-Galiraya community.

This visit continues an online conversation between Pope Francis and African University students on November 1st, 2022. In that great event, Pope Francis listened to young Africans and heard what they wanted to do for God, the Church, and society in Africa and how the church leadership in Africa could help them realize their dreams. 

Uganda was selected to participate in this online conversation with Pope Francis, and Devis Ampereza passionately narrated their question to the Holy Father. Their question mainly focused on immigration, citing why most young African men and women leave their homes to seek asylum. Since the Republic of Uganda is the African country hosting the most refugees, the youth are concerned about realizing their dream of ending poverty, war and sales of arms. Nevertheless, despite Uganda’s policies for welcoming refugees, the country still faces economic migration challenges. Furthermore, many young Ugandans are leaving the country to work abroad because they cannot afford to live a sustainable life in the country. Therefore, youth are concerned about working together to end the war, poverty, and young Africans’ voluntary search for asylum in Europe, North America and other developed countries.

Even so, the youth still have a spirit of brotherhood and wish all people to live together in harmony with all that is required to sustain their lives. Consequently, the youth conducted a charity visit to embrace inclusivity, welcome everyone as brothers and sisters in one Holy Church and continue with the Holy Father’s Building Bridges Initiative.

The youth participated in the celebration of the Holy Mass at St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Community. During his homily, the Assistant Chaplain, Fr. Charles Mpiima, noted that we are today’s church and must make the church what we want it to be. He stated that acts of charity are essential in the Catholic Church because they demonstrate a spirit of brotherhood and hope for the less advantaged. He emphasized that the happiness of those in need is the happiness of God. He therefore concluded by advising the youth to be humble and always learn from the Holy Father, Pope Francis’ humility. 

Similarly, the Deputy Chaplain, Fr. Raphael Ddamba encouraged the young people to reflect on Matthew 25:35-40 because, whatever we have done for the people of Galiraya, we have done it for God.

The caretaker of the area, Fr. Jude Matovu, explained that they serve over 25 sub-parishes, and the people are basically fishermen, farmers, and cattle herders who are always in great need and unable to provide for their families. He greatly appreciated the donated items and thanked the students for thinking about those in need. Additionally, the Parish Council chairperson appreciated the University students for thinking about them and sharing the Easter message with them.

This community, displaced from their homes and living temporarily in that area, was pleased that the university students have decided to start their Building Bridges Initiative project with them. They received the gifts items with deep expression of appreciation and happiness.


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