Post-Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to the DRC and South Sudan: Matters Arising

Pan-African Catholic Theology and Pastoral Network (PACTPAN) is organizing an online discussion on the Post Apostolic Journey of His Holiness Pope Francis to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. In this conversation, Sister Chantal Pefeth (moderator) discusses with Fr John Gbemboyo, Sr Agnes Leila Atia (South Sudan), Ms. Ghislaine Kahambu and Fr Guy Masieta (DR Congo) (panellists). They will be doing a global assessment of the Papal visit to these two African countries: How did it go? What took place? What went well, and what did not go as planned? What’s the next step forward? Etc. Join us for the conversation, and do not forget to share the link with others.

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