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Church-Family-of-God in Africa Prepares for the Second Session of the Synod on Synodality (An Online African Palaver on the Future of the Church in Africa)



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Alex Morgan

5 Nov 1940 - 18 Feb 2021

Alex Morgan

5 Nov 1940 - 18 Feb 2021

Alex Morgan

5 Nov 1940 - 18 Feb 2021

Alex Morgan

5 Nov 1940 - 18 Feb 2021

Alex Morgan

5 Nov 1940 - 18 Feb 2021

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

At the recent seminar organized by SECAM for the African bishops and delegates for the Second Session of the Synod on Synodality, the President of SECAM, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo urged African theologians and pastors to continue the discussions began at the seminar. This conversation, he proposed, should help to sensitize and form God’s people in Africa on the themes proposed by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, so that Africa will offer the world a common front through a united voice. Cardinal Ambongo also urged the theologians of Africa to work in close partnership with the bishops in deepening an understanding of the issues at hand, and focusing the attention of God’s people on the priorities of the Church in Africa in the mission that God has given to Africa in leading the World Church in these challenging times. 

He encouraged partnership among bishops and theologians, priests and religious, clergy and laity. He particularly extoled the emerging partnership between SECAM and the Conference of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (COSMAM) and highlighted the need to leverage such partnerships in order to carry God’s people in Africa along in this synodal process, focusing on their hopes and sorrows, while building on their strong faith and commitment to God and for a better Africa for our children and young people.

The Pan-African Catholic Theology and Pastoral Network (PACTPAN) has taken this call to heart. Working with COSMAM for the last two years in designing an ongoing program on transformational servant leadership (which has 382 students currently taking courses every week online), and with 120 young people in Africa who are currently studying (through seven modules approved by the Dicastery for Communication) on how to become digital missionary for Africa and the world, PACTPAN is launching a unique online conversation on the themes that emerged from the Synthesis Report

Using her vast network, PACTPAN and COSMAM is inviting you to participate in these conversations. This online palaver will be organized every Friday from June 7 to September 6. These thematic weekly palaver is built around the 5 subjects for the next session of the Synod on Synodality, and the ten subjects in the papal chirograph that require in-depth study. We are working in close partnership with the Paulines of Africa who have published two of the seminal works produced by African theologians on the themes of the Synod, namely: Journeying Together for a Synodal Church in Africa; and Journeying Together in Hope: A Theological and Pastoral Field Manual for a Synodal Church in Africa to disseminate the fruits of our research to God’s people in Africa and beyond on Africa’s priorities and mission as Church-Family-of-God.


  • These weekly palavers will be structured around one theme for each week.
  • The text for the conversation will be chosen from the African Commentary on the Synthesis Report and sections from the Kampala Document
  • There will be three conversation partners (a bishop, priest/religious, and a laity). 
  • There will be three questions for discussion for each session (centered on a general understanding of the weekly theme; the specific Africa contextualization where applicable; and where do we go from here as African Catholics in relation to the theme).
  • Each question will be considered for 30 minutes with 5 minutes interventions from three of the conversation partners and 15 minutes question/insights from the participants. 
  • Each session will end with 30 minutes of open palaver to bring together key insights from the conversation.  
  • Each session will last for 2 hours. 
  • The output from each session is a two paged briefing, summarizing the key insights from the session. 
  • These briefings will be made available to the press and the people of God in Africa. 
  • These briefings will be put together by the two moderators working closely with the two rapporteurs for these conversations and the leadership team of the palaver/synodal unit of PACTPAN, the communication team of COSMAM, and the publicity and marketing team of the Pauline Sisters of Africa.

Participation requires prior registration.

    1. June 7, 2024: Opening Ceremony: Prayer to the Holy Spirit led by Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo (Congo, President of SECAM), Fr Rafale Simbine Jnr (Mozambique, Secretary General of SECAM), Mother Marie Diouf (Senegal, President of COSMAM), Sr Leonida Katunge ( Kenya, Coordinating Servant II, PACTPAN), Honorable Catherine Akumu Mavenjina (Uganda)

    Listening to the cry of the poor: Bishop Hiiboro Kussala (S.SudanSr Sidonie Oyembo (Gabon), Sr Leocadie Lushombo (DRC), and Mama Rose Atieno (Kenya). DOWNLOAD SUMMARY – English summary | French summary

    1. June 14, 2024: The Synodal Missionary Face of the Church Family of God in Africa Bishop Anthony Borwah (Liberia) , Sr Olga Massango (Mozambique), and Dr Sylvia Ruambo (Tanzania)
    2. June 21, 2024: African Synodal Methods, Processes, and Approaches: Fr Leonard Santedi (DRC) and Fr Dieudonne Niyibizi (Rwanda) and Sr Beatrice Faye (Senegal).
    3. June 28, 2024: Some aspects of the relationship between the Eastern Catholic Churches, Pentecosals and African Independent Churches and the Roman Catholic Church in Africa: Fr Oseni Ogunu (Nigeria), Sr Marie Solange Randrianirina (Madagascar), Fr Clement Majawa (Malawi)
    4. July 5, 2024: How to be a Synodal Church in Mission in Africa: Cardinal Ameyu (S.Sudan), Mrs Brigit Itsueli (Nigeria), and Fr Callisto Locheng (Uganda)
    5.  July 12, 2024: The mission in the digital environment: Sr Domenica Dipio (Uganda), Roger Kioko (Burkina Faso), and Bishop Gerard Musa (Nigeria)  
    1. July 19, 2024:The revision of the Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis in a missionary synodal perspective: Fr Vitalis Aneohobi (Nigeria), Bishop Simon Chibuga Masondole ( Bunda Diocese, Tanzania) and Fr Nicholas Segeja (Tanzania)
    2. July 26, 2024: Some theological and canonical matters regarding specific ministerial forms and pastoral Issues (eg. polygamy, permanent diaconate, female diaconate, ordained catechists etc): Archbishop Desmond Tambala (Malawi) , Sr Agnes Sory (Burkina Faso) and Leonida Katunge (Tanzania).
    3. August 2, 2024: The revision, in a synodal missionary perspective, of the documents touching on the relationship between bishops, consecrated life, and ecclesial associations: Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Ruwa’ichi (Tanzania), Elizabeth Nduku (Kenya), Fr Paulinus Odozor (Nigeria), and Mere Marie Diouf (Senegal).
    4. August 9, 2024: Some aspects of the person and ministry of the bishop (criteria for selecting candidates to episcopacy, judicial function of the bishops, nature and course of ad limina apostolorum visits) from a missionary synodal perspective: Archbishop Tamba Charles (Sierra Leone), Archbishop Palmer Buckle (Ghana)s and Bishop Emmanuel Youfang (Cameroun).
    5. August 16, 2024: The role of papal representatives in a missionary synodal perspective: Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu (Nigeria)Idara Out (Nigeria) and Eduard Ade (Benin).
    6. August 23, 2024: Theological criteria and synodal methodologies for shared discernment of controversial doctrinal, pastoral, and ethical issues: Bishop George Bizimana (Burundi), Archbishop Andrew Fuanya (Cameroun), and Fr Thomas Visambali (DRC)
    7. August 30, 2024: Co-Responsibility in Pastoral Ministries and Leadership in a  Missionary and Synodal Church: Cardinal John Onaiyekan (Nigeria), Fr Francis Appiah (Ghana) and Sr Irma Estel (Mozambique)
    8. September 6, 2024: The reception of the fruits of the ecumenical journey in ecclesial practices: Paschal Okpaleke (Nigeria), Prof Mary Getui (Kenya), and Fr Rafael Simbine Jr (Mozambique).


Fr Ikenna Okafor (Nigeria)

Fr Thomas Kisambali (DRC)

Sr Prof Josee Ngalula (DRC)

Fr Stan Chu Ilo (Nigeria)

Fr Anthony Egan (South Africa)

Sr Jane Kimathi (Kenya)

Sr Sia Solange (Cote d’Ivoire)

Fr Bienvenu Mayemba, S.J. (DRC)

Fr Joe Healey (Kenya/USA)

Fr Elias Omondi (Kenya)

Sir Anthony Nnacheta (Knights of Mulumba)

Fr Elias Omondi (Kenya)


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Pactpan Communication officer: Nnaemeka Ali, OMI, (Saint Paul Ottawa) 

For technical assistance contact our digital and technical consultant and web designer: Stanley Asogwa

Planning Committee:

Fr Thomas Visambali (Chair, African Palaver and Synodality Unit)

Mrs Jane Oriki (Design and publicity)

Sr Jane Kimathi (Director of Programs)

Rapporteurs: Redemptor Atieno, Fr Augustine Anwuchie, and Jude Ilo

Miriam Kayunga and Likibi Bergerec (MC)

Desiree Wanteu, Roger Dayamba, and Sr Olga Massango (Translators)

Sr Agnes Sory (Coordinating Servant, Administration)

Sr Leonida Katunge (Coordinating Servant, Programs)

Fr Nnaemeka Ali

Fr Stan Chu Ilo (Coordinating Servant)

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an african palaver series on the future of the church in africa

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