Sr. Teresa Kiragu: Religious Sister, Researcher, and Writer

Religious Sister and Researcher

Sr. Teresa Kiragu, ASN, is a member of the Assumption Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary (ASN) with an impressive educational background. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi, Kenya. She completed a master’s degree and Ph.D., specializing in Moral Theology, from the same institution.

Religious Sister and Researcher

Sr. Kiragu has a keen interest in Holistic Healthcare Ethics and has even written her doctoral thesis on the subject. Her doctoral thesis was “Holistic Healthcare Ethics and a Culture of Life: Towards a New Approach to Healing in Catholic Hospitals in Africa.” Currently, she is serving as an adjunct lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, where she teaches at the Centre for Social Justice and Ethics. She also teaches at the Association of Sisterhood of Kenya (AOSK) Chemi ya Uzima Institute of Pastoral and Catechetical Ministry.

Sr. Kiragu’s impressive background and expertise in Holistic Healthcare Ethics make her an invaluable member of the ASN community. Her work is inspiring and has the potential to impact healthcare in Africa positively.

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Healthcare Ethics, Bioethics, Social Ethics  

Teresa is an esteemed member of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC), a global network of Catholic ethicists that aims to promote theological scholarship and dialogue across different cultures, traditions, and regions. She currently serves as a regional coordinator for CTEWC in Africa. Her expertise in healthcare ethics, bioethics, social ethics, and virtue ethics is widely recognized, and her extensive publications attest to her scholarly acumen.

Her recent works have garnered significant attention in academic circles, highlighting her triple roles as a religious sister, researcher, and writer. Overall, Teresa’s contributions to Catholic theological ethics are invaluable, and her commitment to promoting ethical reflection and dialogue across diverse communities is a model for all scholars and practitioners of ethics.

Religious Sister and Writer

Teresa is a highly accomplished African scholar who has made significant contributions to healthcare ethics. Her impressive record of scholarship includes authoring over ten articles that have been published in renowned journals, as well as several book chapters. She is currently engaged in the ambitious task of writing two healthcare ethics books, reflecting her deep commitment to advancing the field. Indeed, Teresa’s dedication, expertise, and passion demonstrate her as an asset to the academic community and make her stand out as one of the rising voices in Africa and her area of specialization. Yes, she is not only a religious sister but also a skilled researcher.

Research Fellow, Leader, and Formator

Teresa is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology (CWCIT) at DePaul University and a member of, an international network promoting ethical reflection and practice. She is a member of the Pan-African Catholic Theology and Pastoral Network (Pactpan), where she heads the Health and Healing Research Unit.

Furthermore, she has extensive experience as a religious formator, assisting others in their spiritual and personal growth, and is currently a member of her congregation’s ongoing formation team. Her expertise and contributions in these areas make her a valuable member of the academic and religious communities.

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