The Doctors with Africa – CUAMM Partners with Pactpan for a Second Just-In-Time Training

The Pan-African Theology and Pastoral Network partners with Doctors with Africa – CUAMM for a Second Just-In-Time training program for healthcare workers in Africa. The Just in Time Online Training program now accepts applications for its second intake. JIT aims to provide training for healthcare workers in Low-Resource Settings and is organized by Doctors with Africa CUAMM in partnership with other organizations.

The second JIT Intake on Disaster Preparedness is a powerful program that provides healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills to confidently handle public health emergencies and disasters. By presenting a comprehensive understanding of the standard operating procedures that must be followed before (preparedness), during (response), or after (mitigation) a disaster, this program empowers health workers to face challenges with resilience and courage. It is a remarkable opportunity for healthcare workers to gain invaluable knowledge that can make a positive impact during times of crisis.

The course is conducted in English, and you can obtain a digital certificate of attendance. Registration for the JIT Training is free, but you need to fill out the registration form available on this website: 👉 An email containing all the instructions to access the course will be sent to you at the appropriate time.

For more information, please visit or contact or for assistance. You may also share this email with those who could benefit from this unique program.

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