The Role of Theology in the African Society

Every theology is contextual theology. Every theology responds to the reality of a given community. The authenticity of theology is, thus, its ability to dialogue with the grand narrative of Christ Salvation Project and the society in which Christianity takes flesh. However, first, it ought to set itself free from all the hegemonies connected with the imperial theology, then go down to the context of the community to seek that presence and absence of God in it.
To the presence of God in the culture of the people, theology helps to grow, and to the element that inhibits their freedom and humane-divine growth, theology evangelizes. It must be sure that God is ever-present among the people, and its work is to assure that nothing prevents them from glowing like the light they are to the world.
African theologians are called upon to dialogue with the African culture and people to bring the promised reign of God to the shores of our land.

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