Mary and Women in African Catholicism in Light of Synodality

The Mary at the Foot of the Cross Research Unit of the Pan-African Catholic Theology and Pastoral Network recently held a discussion to address women’s roles in the church, with a focus on the African context. The conversation highlighted the various obstacles women face in fully participating in the church, such as cultural barriers preventing them from taking on leadership roles or participating in decision-making processes. The participants also discussed the lack of representation of women’s voices in the church, which can lead to their marginalization and exclusion.

During the discussion, the participants stressed the importance of women’s contributions to the church and the need for changes to promote inclusivity. They recognized the vital role that the church plays in addressing cultural issues, especially those related to gender and patriarchy, in Africa. The participants emphasized the church’s role in promoting gender equality and inclusivity, both within the church and in society.

The meeting concluded with a call for further dialogue and action to ensure gender equality in the church and society. The participants acknowledged that achieving gender equality requires a sustained effort and a willingness to challenge cultural norms and traditions that prevent women from fully participating. They committed to continuing the conversation and taking concrete actions to address these critical issues. (Grammarly 2023)



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