Report on the Human Trafficking Documentary Production Initiative Presented by: KATUNGE

To: Pactpan Members AND FPACTN

I am honored to present this comprehensive report on our ongoing human trafficking project, specifically highlighting the documentary production initiative that focuses on the experiences of girls who are survivors of human trafficking in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Nigeria. This initiative aims to amplify the voices of these brave survivors, raise awareness about the severity of human trafficking, and advocate for stronger protective measures.

Project Overview

The documentary production initiative seeks to provide an in-depth look into the lives of girls who have survived human trafficking. By sharing their stories, we aim to educate the public, influence policy changes, and foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding human trafficking.

Country-Specific Progress

1. Kenya

Research and Interviews: Collaborations with support groups have enabled us to identify and connect with survivors willing to share their stories.

Filming Locations: Nairobi and Mombasa.

Progress: 50% of the filming is complete. Key interviews with survivors.

Compilation of the last part of the filming and interviews.

2. Uganda

Research and Interviews: Partnered with shelters and advocacy groups to gain access to survivors.

Filming Locations: Kampala, border areas with South Sudan ( Karamoja).

Progress: 95% of the filming is complete.

Final report pending.

3. Ethiopia

Research and Interviews: Worked closely with local anti-trafficking organizations to find survivors willing to participate.

Filming Locations: Addis Ababa, border regions with Eritrea

Progress: 50% of the filming is complete.

Final report to be compiled.

4. Ghana

Research and Interviews: Engaged with community leaders,Police force  and NGOs to facilitate interviews with survivors.

Filming Locations: Accra and Waa.

Progress: 85% of the filming is complete.

Final report pending

5. Nigeria

Research and Interviews: Collaborated with police force  and support networks to interview survivors.

Filming Locations: Lagos and northern trafficking hotspots.

Progress: 100% of the filming is complete.


Next Steps

Complete Filming: Aim to finish filming in all five countries within the next three months.

Awareness Campaign: Plan for the documentary’s release, including public screenings, community discussions, and collaboration with advocacy organizations to maximize impact. (To start immediately)

Advocacy and Policy Influence: Use the documentary as a tool to advocate for stronger anti-trafficking laws and support systems for survivors.


This documentary project is a crucial part of our mission to combat human trafficking. By sharing the powerful stories of these young survivors, we hope to inspire action, promote understanding, and drive systemic change. I extend my deepest gratitude to all our partners, contributors, and the brave survivors who have shared their stories.

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